PAAL Chapter Grants 


PAAL Chapter Cities have launched a PAAL Membership that directly generates funds for local opportunities, programs, and support. PAAL Chapter Cities are eligible for a membership wherever a PAAL Chief Rep is present to articulate the direction of programming and support for the year. To connect with your local PAAL Chapter or start a PAAL Chapter, check out the chapter info page! Applications to PAAL Chapter Grants are available via each Chapter City page listed below.




Watch this space for more cities announced...

PAAL Chapter Grants 


Individual Childcare Grants: A parent-artist or artist with a full-time adult dependent/elder care responsibilities creating in the designated PAAL Chapter City and surrounding areas seeking funding for childcare or elder care while engaging in artistic and/or administrative projects or professional development. Union membership not required. All theatrical disciplines and administrative positions are eligible to apply for these grants. Pregnant parent artists, artists in late stages of the adoption process, and/or current full-time foster caregivers are welcome and qualified to apply.

Institution Childcare Match Grants: an organization, institution, or company with a performing arts focus based or creating in the designated PAAL Chapter City and surrounding areas who is committed to matching the $250 grant with a minimum of $250 as a budget line item to total $500 in childcare stipend for an individual or group within their organization, institution, or company.


Review committees for the chapter cities, specifically for any individual grants created, are composed of anonymous volunteers, PAAL National committee members and allies, who are outside the eligibility of the PAAL Chapter City in review. 


While the application has multiple questions in order to create a thorough profile of need, many questions are multiple choice and check-box and there are no long-form cover letters or answers require. We recognize that time is a limited resource for many artists, especially those with caregiving responsibilities, and hope that our form’s efficiency alleviates some of that obstacle to make this grant application more accessible.


When hitting “submit” on your application, it will be saved and received. You will then receive an email confirmation of submission with a button to “edit response.” You may edit your application as many times as needed until applications close on Nov. 6, 2019. We will only review the final submissions after the closing date.


Applications for PAAL Chapter Grants are available on each PAAL Chapter City's specific page. Find your city 


In addition to the PAAL National Childcare Grants listed here, PAAL has also initiated its first  PAAL National Grants , which are awarded to individuals and/or institutions in qualified PAAL Chapter Cities and supported by local PAAL Membership. Each PAAL Chapter City has its own diverse array of opportunity, community, and grants. Individuals and institutions may apply for PAAL National Grants and PAAL Chapter Grants simultaneously in so far as they qualify.

 PAAL Partner Funds + Stipends  are Childcare Funds that we build in partnership with organizations to make childcare support available to their contributors and participants for increased access.

We have also compiled a list of  outside childcare grants and family-friendly residencies  for writers and artists around the country.

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To elevate the national standard of care for caregivers in the performing arts and media.

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