Our People

Join us! We are an open-arms organization. If you want to know more about joining our community, contact us here. PAAL is for everyone.

PAAL is a shared leadership organization. The teams listed below are in alphabetical order due the linear nature of site pages, but all groups share the mission of our organization with their specific contributions.

Since its inception in 2017, PAAL has committed to our Vertical 50/50, which states that its organizational lifetime is committed to racial justice and gender inclusion at all points of leadership.

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To view our chapter city Chief Reps & Local Ambassadors, visit our page on Chapter Cities.

Artist Ambassadors

The PAAL Artist Ambassadors are artists in the field that PAAL admires and respects. Each ambassador has a unique experience with family and support in the arts and media. We're grateful to our ambassadors who share about PAAL's resources as they align with their goals and passions.


Advisory Board

The PAAL Advisory Board are individuals with respected contribution to the field who have also contributed foundational guidance, insight, experience, and recommendations in PAAL's formation and continued growth.


Board of Directors

The PAAL Board of Directors are volunteer individuals who contribute their expertise in a committed, regular gathering to guide, shape, and continually align PAAL's actions with its mission and develop the efficacy of PAAL's impact on the field.


Executive Team

The PAAL Executive Team engages in regular execution of PAAL's mission. In shared leadership, each individual leads specific programs that work in interconnected fashion for cohesive and collaborative impact. The Executive Team also serves on the PAAL Board


Insight & Contribution

Includes founding members of the PAAL Steering Committee, this gallery is a collection of individuals who have provided  a unique mission, insight, and experience that directly influences the content, community, and outreach for a variety of PAAL's programs and content. More info on their work coming soon.