PAAL International Digital Summit | 2020 

Center Justice | Take Action | Find Hope

Oct. 28-Dec. 7

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Full support scholarship needed: INDSUPPORT
The public support discount allows admission for full summit for FREE for hardship/access needs of any kind instead of $550.
Freelance individuals/unemployed/orgs under 50k budget or orgs with financial hardship who need the significant scholarship: INDLEADER
The independent leader discount allows admission for full summit for only $35 instead of $550.
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The independent leader discount allows admission for full summit for only $250 instead of $550.
General COVID support for orgs automatic scholarship: SUPPORT1
The independent leader discount allows admission for full summit for only $350 instead of $550.

If your institution is able to pay the full admission: please consider not using the code as proceeds go toward full scholarships.


Over 15 speakers, 8 sessions, 4 countries

and YOU.

Each session provides the training you want to be the support that caregivers need.

  • Creating a Caregiver-Supportive Budget with Radical Parent Inclusion (RPI)

  • Anti-Racism and Caregiver Support

  • Beyond the Binary: Inclusive Language for Caregivers

  • Building Caregiver-Supportive Schedules

  • Managing Remote Teams: Support for Everyone in COVID (from PAAL HR Health)

  • Best Practices for Successful Childcare Matinees

  • The Global Conversation

  • Vocational Affinity Spaces
    (including spaces for Mother Directors, TYA Artists Who are Parents and Caregivers)

OCT 28: Opening Session - [event passed] REPLAY AVAILABLE WITH REGISTRATION

2:30-5:30 PM EST (Wed.)

- Welcome

- Compassion Training | Speaker: Rachel Spencer Hewitt

- Anti-Racism in Caregiver Support | Speakers: Nicole Brewer, Tamanya Garza

- Beyond the Binary: Inclusive Language in Caregiver Support | Speaker: Moss Froom

- Q&A + Next Steps

OCT 30: LAUNCH PARTY! "Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival" from PAAL  Blackboard Plays | COMMUNITY SPACE - IG LIVE

NOV. 4: Election Connection | COMMUNITY SPACE FOR THE FIELD (FREE) - [event passed]

3:00-5:00 PM EST (Wed.)


- Center Justice, Take Action, Find Hope: and open space for the community to engage with the apex of election season. Share in emotional healing, resources for action, and community to reduce isolation.

NOV. 6: Managing Remote Teams: Support for Everyone in COVID, Including Caregivers (from PAAL HR Health) - [event passed] REPLAY AVAILABLE WITH REGISTRATION

3:00-5:00 PM EST (Fri.)


- For employers and employees, create strategy on sustaining remote team schedules, having conversations on support over productivity, building team engagement, and finding the best moments to unplug.

- Speaker: Iris McQuillan-Grace, HR at Center for Reproductive Rights & PAAL Managing Director


NOV. 9: Creating a Caregiver Supportive Budget with Radical Parent Inclusion (RPI)

2:30-5:00 PM EST (Mon.)

- Review budget numbers, strategy, and impact of the Radical Parent Inclusion project (RPI) at The Playwrights Realm with PAAL and engage with how to curate sustainable budgeting for you work and organization. 

- Speakers: Roberta Pereira, Rachel Spencer Hewitt

NOV. 10: Scheduling Support in Rehearsals: 5-day rehearsals, pregnant and nursing schedules, caregiver conflicts, and more.

3:00-5:00 PM EST (Tues.)

- What does humane scheduling look like? What strategies have already been put in place in other productions that not only support parents and caregivers but also create humane scheduling that supports everyone?

- Speakers: Patricia McGregor, Katherine Nelson, Deena Selenow, Porsche McGovern

NOV. 17: Making Space | Successful Childcare Matinees, Childcare in Auditions/Callbacks/Interviews, Children in the Room

3:00-5:00 PM EST (Tues.)

- What are the safest practices that center caregiver support? What are legal realities to keep in mind in creating caregiver support when a parent needs to bring a minor in the space? How do you create a childcare matinee or provide childcare support in employment opportunities that are sustainable and successful?

- Speakers: Roberta Pereira, Rowen Haigh, Johanna Edwards, Porsche McGovern


NOV. 19: Community Affinity Space (TBA) | COMMUNITY SPACE (FREE)

1:00-2:30 PM EST (Thurs.)

NOV. 23: How to Support Caregivers as a Union Representative | Union Reps Only

3:00-5:00 PM EST (Mon.)

DEC. 4: Closing Session

2:30-5:30 PM EST (Fri.)

- Strategic Plan Review: Community Goals for Rebuilding | Speakers: TBA

- Global Conversation: Guests from around the world who are engaged in caregiver support for artists in their countries engage on creating support as a global call to action. | Speakers: TBA

- Performance: Excerpts from Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival Finalists | Plays: TBA


The PAAL International Summit 2020 Mission:
Center Justice, Take Action, Find Hope

An organization cannot be anti-racist or inclusive without caregiver support.

An organization right now has all the tools and resources necessary to make change.

An organization can focus on rebuilding with caregiver support as integral to its mission.

This unique training opportunity will offer one to two weekly sessions over the course of five weeks from October to December, with individual paths available for every ticket holder. Each interactive session will include digital resources for engagement with the topic at hand. At the end of the event, participants will leave with the knowledge and tools they need to put the ideas discussed into practice at their home institutions.


Expanding on last year’s inaugural summit, this year’s event will feature classes and workshops from industry changemakers throughout the U.S. and the world who are breaking ground in finding new ways to support parent artists in every aspect of the performing arts industry.

PAAL commits to anti-racist roots in our structures, practices, policies, principles, and producing, through Vertical 50/50, centering support on BIPOC artists, and gathering resources for active anti-racism in caregiver support. PAAL is a transgender and non-binary affirming space. All language referencing "mother," "parent," "dad," "caregiver," and their derivatives include and refer to any individual who identifies with them.



PAAL National Inaugural Summit | NYC 2019 

As the first national summit on caregiver support in the performing arts, the PAAL Summit will take place on December 6, 2019 at The Public Theater (summit main sessions, 9:00AM-3:00PM) and the A.R.T./New York theatre (summit Happy Hour 5:00PM-7:00PM. The Summit is designed to be a safe and collaborative gathering where decision-makers, leaders, and institution representatives can exchange resources, raise questions, and share experiences in a guided workshop and facilitated conversation with PAAL and lead facilitators in diverse fields and backgrounds with a goal to expand the collective brain on how to better support parent artists and caregivers in performing arts culture. 


 The PAAL Summit in partnership with 


 The PAAL Summit Happy Hour co-hosted by 

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As part of the workshop and semi-open format with lead facilitators, topics covered will be curated in accordance with attendees’ needs, organization type and size, and concerns. Because of this careful curation, this preliminary application will allow for the workshop to take shape with direct relevance and coverage for as many participants as possible.

While not every topic listed or chose may be selected for the summit day, we will be working to make the coverage available as specific as possible to the group gathered and will release the topics ahead of time before formal RSVPs are requested.

By providing your insight and expectation for this summit, you are shaping the conversations of greatest interest, pre-submitting consideration for access to the summit, and/or stating your interest in the first round of summit updates.

Thank you for your interest! For any questions, please feel free to contact