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PAAL's partnerships thrive with your support! If these opportunities make a difference for you, please considering making a donation. Whether it's $5, $50, or $500, we are grateful for the community that upholds our work to support artists who are caregivers across the country. All donations support PAAL emergency funds, childcare grants, and parent artist programming.


AMOUNT RAISED: $15,000 of $5,000

PAAL COVID Emergency Relief Fund for Artists with Families

All donations made to PAAL in the months of March and April with a goal of $5000 started our emergency relief fund for artists with families to provide financial support for help with childcare, elder care, or general support due to unemployment, loss of income, or increased care responsibilities during the the COVID-19 crisis. After surpassing our goal in the first month, PAAL is continuing to build this fund and its efforts

Sustainable Arts Foundation

Broadway Babysitters

Cushion Holdings

Out of the Box Theatrics

Adam Frank

Kyle Martin

Daisy Lindas

Tavi Gevinson

Steph Park

Mariah Freda

Celia Keenan-Bolger

Jessie Austrian

Tamara Kissane


Linda Snyder

Arian Moayed

Tiffany Diamond

Stephanie Hayes

Brenna Ross

Christine Koster

Dominic & Stephanie Roberts

Cushion Holdings

Beth Wright and Anne Graham

Porsche McGovern

Caroline McAuliffe

Eli + Joseph

Valerie Ramshur

Tina Landau

Emily Conway

Ariana Smart Truman


Lauren LeBlanc

Adrienne Carlile

Arian Moayed

Meridith Grundei

Timothy McMackin

Anthony Cavanna

Judith Berger

Aili Huber

joy dickson

Christina Hildebrand

Lindsay Evans


Deborah Soglin

Broadway Babysitters

Katherine Kovner

Erica Nagel

Mother Lode to SHARE.png

AMOUNT RAISED: $950 of $1500

MOTHER LODE benefit for Mother's Day | PAAL Childcare Grants

PAAL's first benefit for the PAAL Childcare Grant program took place Mother's Day weekend by streaming the digital reading of the play MOTHER LODE by Jenni Lamb. The play, originally commissioned by the Goodman Theatre, engaged with new motherhood and the work and life challenges that accompany it. The benefit's goal of $1500 will make multiple childcare grants possible - all going to mother artists!

Alana Zalas

Kristin Morris

Aimee Walter

Hallie Palladino

Lisa Coburn

Rebecca Shereikis

Talya Kingston

Cheryl Lewis

Jenni Lamb

Amy Kleinman

Damon Krometis


Cecelia Bacom

Anita LeBlanc

Ryanne Domingues

Deering Imperial

Lisa Dillman 

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