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PAAL has long connected individual members with elected officers who actively engage in caregiver support. We are thrilled to introduce this database of officers by union who have signed a statement of support so that caregivers can find their allies and continue to vote for officers who prioritize caregiver interests in labor governance and action. The following statement outlines the commitment of the signed individuals below.

Officers' Statement of Active Support for Caregiver Members | PAAL:

"We believe that caregiver support for parents—including foster, adoptive, and birth—as well as for those caring for legal dependents - elder care, relatives - must be prioritized by our performing arts unions. This issue must be included in unions' organizational conversations of EDI, institutional support, and visibility—ensuring that the voices of caregiver artist members are supported and heard in our unions' internal processes. Simultaneously, we must champion caregiver support in our contract negotiations. We acknowledge the significant socio-economic, communal, and professional effects that the reality of caregiving has on our members and other contributors to our field, and resolve to continue our work to ensure that our unions are leaders in the industry when it comes to supporting caregiver artists."

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* = PAAL Endorsement 

PAAL also proudly endorses the Fair Wage On Council Slate.

PAAL Endorses for their commitment to caregiver support:

*Kate Shindle | President | re-election

*Sid Solomon | Eastern Regional Vice President | re-election

*Kelley Faulkner | Central Regional Vice President | re-election

*Erin Maureen Koster | Eastern Stage Management | re-election

*David S. Cohen | Western Stage Management | re-election

*Bobby Moreno | Eastern Principal | re-election

*Leslie Sears | Eastern-at-Large | candidate

*Wally Dunn | Eastern Chorus | candidate

*Jeffrey Omura | Eastern Principal | re-election

*Katherine Nelson | Central Stage Manager | re-election

*Robert Stanton | Eastern Principal | candidate

*Jakob W. Plummer | Eastern Stage Management | candidate

*Nikka Graff Lanzarone | Eastern Chorus | re-election

*Brian Myers Cooper | Eastern Chorus | candidate

*Kellie Overbey | Eastern Principal | re-election

*Rashaan James II | Eastern Chorus | re-election

*Claire Karpen | Eastern Principal | re-election

*Carson Elrod | Eastern Principal | re-election

*Pat Loeb | Western Stage Management | re-election

*Heather M. Brose | Western-at-Large | re-election

*Jason A. Quinn | Eastern Stage Management | re-election

*Rebecca L. Skupin | Western Stage Management | re-election

*Kirsten Wyatt | Eastern Chorus | re-election

Melissa Robinette | 1st National Vice President | elected

Amanda Spooner | Eastern Stage Management | elected

Kate O'Phalen | Eastern Principal | elected

Lee Osorio | Eastern Principal | elected

Michael A. Newcomer | Central Principal | elected (+ PAAL Chief Rep NOLA)

John McGinty | Eastern Principal | elected

Brooke Ishibashi | Western Principal | elected

Jennifer Swiderski | Eastern Principal | elected

Manoel Felciano | Eastern Chorus | elected

James Ludwig | Eastern Principal | elected

Kristen Beth Williams | Eastern Principal | elected (president, Parents Committee)




Now gathering signatures.

officers: submit the form above

members: share with your officers




Now Gathering Signatures.

officers: submit the form above

members: share with your officers

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