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Toy List for Toddlers in the Space

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Recommended Toy List for Easy Clean and Younger Age Range*

(These items are GREAT to receive via donation! Your community likely has many of these items ready to give away, and it gives you the chance to connect with local parents and engage them in supporting your theatre. For reference, we collected these items all in one place for purchase! Check out: Parent-Artist online resource list!)

Item Range: Under $20 | Click here for the full list of company management items.

*Suggestion per MAM Ireland innovation!

Print sign for parent toy use, review, and care.


Cloth, Board Books and Story Books infant to elementary ages

5-in-1 Play Cube/Activity Center great for no-mess single item with many play options

Mega Bloks long-lasting, easy to clean, wide age range

  • Essentially large legos - so no small pieces, no choking hazard

  • Building opportunities for infant to elementary-school age

Low-Mess Art Stash - great for quick activity, wide age range (1+ years)

NO-Mess Coloring magic water-paper, reusable, all ages (Water Wow)

  • Water Wow books come with large grip water brush and book of coloring pages

  • No paint or color needed

Reusable because once the page dries it goes back to blank/no color ready to paint again

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