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 PAAL Institutional Membership 


  • National affiliation with a leading advocacy organization

  • PAAL Best Practices Handbook for Institutions with Digital Access and Live Updates

  • Admission to PAAL Summit for (2) two institution representatives; significant discount on additional representatives

  • Community and audience engagement opportunities facilitated by leading representatives to engage in real-time access conversations in eligible cities

  • Admission to PAAL Gatherings and Training Sessions for Members Throughout the Year

  • National Online Community and Resource Share

  • One-on-one complimentary consultant session (1) with PAAL representative

  • Discounted on-site training sessions for staff in eligible PAAL Chapter Cities/digital sessions when outside eligible PAAL Chapter Cities

  • Connection to local PAAL Chief Rep individual communities where available


  • Duration: One Year*

    • *Memberships begun before or on June 1, 2020 will be valid through May 30, 2021

  • Inaugural Membership Price: $125/annual

  • Complimentary for PAAL Summit Institutional Board Members APPLY HERE

  • Membership Grants Available for Eligible Institutions


PAAL Institutional Membership provides a resource hub, solutions generator, and national network of theatres committed to engaging in best practices for supporting parent artists and caregivers.

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