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PAAL HR Health
An opportunity for the performing arts to engage with Human Resource professionals to improve work culture, financial strategy, curated policy, and inclusive hiring strategies.
For PAAL institutional members and/or PAAL Summit attendees only.
Office Hours 
  • Weekly opportunities to book facetime with an HR professional
  • Best for one-time dilemmas, some work culture questions, mediation recommendations, or checking in after longer engagements
  • Appointments are first-come, first served
  • FREE with PAAL membership
Project Support 
  • Traditional consultative support per project 
  • Discount service fee with PAAL membership
Retained Consulting Support 
  • Serve as HR guide for one year: team management, job description, salary analysis and strategy, board presentations
  • Includes weekly calls and monthly deliverable check ins
  • Discount service fee with PAAL membership
Workforce Planning 
  • Current job analysis
  • Compensation recommendations
  • Job description creation
  • Succession planning and current employee gap analysis
Unconscious Bias training for hiring teams/Compassion training for entire organization
Curated recruitment process 
  • Building the recruitment process
  • Training stakeholders
  • Employer brand creation and support
  • Sourcing strategy creation
Employee Relations Support 
  • Mediation, guidance and investigation support
Talent Development and Management Support 
  • Analysis of employee engagement survey
  • Retention data and professional development programming recommendations
  • Retention strategies and creation of employee engagement survey if necessary 
Culture and Compliance
  • Analysis of current policies and recommendations for revisions
  • Creation of employee resource groups and compliance audit across all talent function
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