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PAAL COVID Emergency Relief Fund

PAAL has surpassed the initial goal of $5000 and continues to raise funds for the designated emergency relief fund for artists with families to provide financial support for help with childcare, elder care, or general support due to unemployment, loss of income, or increased care responsibilities during the the COVID-19 crisis.

 UPDATE:  We have passed our $5000 goal, and we're still going!! We have just a couple weeks left in April to GROW this fund! Thank you to everyone who has shared/donated/supported this effort for artist families!  Chip in and spread the word! 

PAAL's Official Statement on Supporting Artists with Families in our COVID-19 Plans
+ 5 Ways To Provide Immediate Support:
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PAAL Reps Write for American Theatre on Caregiving and the COVID Crisis:

by Garlia Cornelia Jones PAAL Chief Rep | NYC _____________ Deprived of the relief of going to a job I love, I am forced to face the contradictions of co-parenting with an ex.

by Rachel Spencer Hewitt PAAL Founder __________ As we face the COVID crisis, our field has a chance to restructure itself around human needs. Caregivers can lead the way.

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