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Black Motherhood + Parenting New Play Festival

Join us! We are an open-arms organization. If you want to know more about joining our community, contact us here. PAAL is for everyone.

PAAL and Blackboard are committed to a Black Exclusive Budget (BEB) for every budget line item; they will be funding only Black artists in the development and execution of the project (with the exception of the honorariums given to actors in accordance to casting requirements, if necessary).

Dismantling systemic racism through art requires the creation of platforms and opportunities to tell stories that illuminate the reality, obstacles, pain, joy, celebration, humor, revelation, and even mundane aspects of the human experience lived by BIPOC individuals.

This new festival is our response to create storytelling representation through art.

Black Motherhood* and Parenting New Play Festival 2021

Blackboard Plays and PAAL are partnering to present the first Black Motherhood* and Parenting New Play Festival in the spring of 2021.

Zoom workshops are in development to present each in production this spring. The finalists have been selected, and excerpts of their plays were read at the closing session of the PAAL International Summit on December 4, 2020.

"Black parenthood is often overlooked in our national and artistic conversations and represented without the nuance that white-parents-and-parenting stories often include..."

- Garlia Cornelia Jones,

Blackboard Founder;
PAAL Producing Director